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A Nivada with a Story

After finding this watch from the son of the original owner, I asked him to tell me his Dad’s story.  He wrote:

Dad was a Marine who fought in the Pacific Theater during WWII. He worked numerous jobs afterwards and attended classes when he could. He eventually went on to work in and consult with many test labs- mainly aircraft and rockets. His best moment was working on the first Apollo engines.
I hope you can restore his watch and enjoy it as much as he did.

After doing some of my own research, I found an article written about the man, Joe Luebbert.  One interesting tidbit: he received the military Purple Heart twice, once for getting shot in the face and a second for “being blown through the air.”

joe luebbert marine

Joe Luebbert was a Marine, served in WWII, and later worked on the first Apollo engines

I sent the article to Luebbert’s son, who was unaware of its existence.  He shared it with his family on Facebook and went and showed it to his dad, who is now 94.  It made his day.


Nivada Grenchen Aviator Sea Diver


Nivada Grenchen Aviator Sea Diver

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