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1960s Gallet Multichron EP 40-68 Brown “Chocolate” Dial [SOLD]

This watch was owned by a WWII veteran and FBI agent named Walt Anderson.

Dial: Original dial has aged to a tropical brown color. Original lume. Some dial repair was performed a long time ago, as seen between 4 and 5
Hands: Original with original tritium lume present.
Case: Original case is unpolished. There are scratches on the back from someone attempting to get the caseback off.
Movement: Excelsior Park 40-68 running well. This watch is in “barn find” condition, meaning that it has not been serviced in a long time. However, it is keeping time and functions properly. The rubber gasket on the back of the watch has turned to black tar, which is a tell-tale sign that it has not been serviced in a long long time.